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World-Class Comprehensive Breast Cancer Centre

La P.I.N.K. Breast Centre provides the international standard of care in breast treatment for the people.

Breasts are an integral part of feminity. Most females experience some sort of breast problem during their lifetime. While most of them are not cancer, fear causes a lot of distress. What every woman require is a compassionate and efficient approach or doctor that can both reassure if not cancer and also provide high-quality care at the same time.
La P.I.N.K. is an endeavour to provide a one-stop solution to all problems related to breast whether they are cancer or non-cancer.
It is a comprehensive breast care centre that is managed by Dr Ruchika Agarwal a gynaecologist with keen interest and training in breast diseases and Dr Hemant Goyal a renowned surgical oncologist trained at AIIMS New Delhi with experience of over 15 years who brings the latest and state of art breast cancer treatment on the table.
La P.I.N.K. provides care to all breast problems be they be in adolescents, lactating mothers, females in their 40,s who require screening for cancer or patients with breast lumps, pain or nipple discharges.
All types of breast cancer surgeries are also provided whether they be breast conservation, sentinel lymph node biopsies or breast oncoplastic.
It is one of a kind centre in Agra patients are treated under the kind and feminine presence of Dr Ruchika that is comforting to the patient and the professional expertise of DR. Hemant Goyal brings the world-class standard of care to the patients.

Dr. Ruchika Agarwal

Dr. Ruchika Agarwal is a  well versed & exhaustively trained Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with special interest and expertise in dealing with all problems related to female breast.
She has brought a revolutiony tool for breast cancer screening to Agra that is both convenient and affordable -iBreast Exam.

Dr. Hemant Goyal

Dr. Hemant Goyal is an AIIMS trained & certified cancer surgeon with special interest in breast cancer. He is doing all state of kind surgeries for breast cancer like breast conservation, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast oncoplasty etc.

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if you’ve been looking for solutions for a long time. We can assist you in getting there.

Our Specialization

I- Breast Exam to Detect Cancer

Breast Screening Programme is an initiative by La Pink breast Care Centre unit. For more info and screening checkup contact us. Early detection can help you beat the disease before it’s too late.

Our Procedures

An accurate diagnosis is the basis for effective therapy, and our specialists take the time to get it right. Our Doctors will listen to your concerns and examine your scenario from all aspects to come up with a decent plan for you.

Breast Cancer Surgery

The goal of breast cancer surgery is to remove cancer cells from your breast at La P.i.n.k. Breast Care Centre

Oncoplastic Surgery/Breast Reconstruction

Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery rebuilds the breast after breast cancer surgery.

Benign Breast Lesions Surgery

Both women and men can develop benign (noncancerous) breast lumps. This is a benign breast disease.

Diagnostic Surgeries

The purpose of a biopsy is to identify the histologic type of cancer and possibly stage of disease, accurate diagnosis. 

Risk Reducing Surgery

A prophylactic approach with removal of organs at high risk of developing cancer, which is performed in cases without lesions

Artificial Breast Prothesis

Are you preparing for Breast cancer surgery? Mastectomy!

Post-surgery Breast Prosthesis is a big help. It saves from lengthy and costly surgical reconstruction. 

Happy Stories

Akansha Sharma

He is the best Cancer surgeon in Agra.He treated my father Arun Kumar Saxena 2 and half years back and he recovered so well and is doing good now.Thanks!

Ankit Kumar Agarwal

He is the best cancer doctor in Agra. Have consulted for my father in law and he gave the best treatment. Great Thanks from the heart.

Pradeep Sharma

best cancer doctor in my opinion. very helpful. staffs are very good in behaviour.

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    Get a Seamless Care in Lowest Price

    Every aspect of your care is coordinated at La P.i.n.k. Breast Care Center, and teams of experts coordinate to deliver the exact care you need. What takes months elsewhere can easily be completed in a matter of days here.

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